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We are pleased to announce that we are accepting credit cards, debit cards, and electronic checks on the Internet for payment of vehicle taxes, current real property taxes, and current personal property taxes. You will need to supply some additional information about your auto insurance coverage on vehicle tax payments. 

Credit/debit card payments are also available at the various public kiosks at the Courthouse during the regular business hours of the Georgetown County Treasurer’s Office. We will provide a computer that you can use to make tax payments on the Internet and at public PCs throughout the county (at the courthouse lobby, the Treasurer’s office, the Auditor’s office, the Assessor’s office, some Parks and Recreation centers, some fire stations, and the main library).

We have chosen to use Official Payments Corp. to provide this credit card and electronic check payment service to the County. This company provides this service to many states, local counties, and to the United States Internal Revenue Service.

Whenever a credit card is used for any purchase, the merchant does not receive the full amount that is charged to the credit card. Online businesses sometimes recover this cost by adding a "handling fee" to the cost of the merchandise ordered. To pay for this service, Official Payments Corp. will charge you a convenience fee. This fee will show up as a separate charge on your Official Payments confirmation; Georgetown County does not receive any of this fee. This fee will not show on your paid Georgetown County tax receipt. A complete fee schedule follows this information. You will be informed of the amount of the fee before your transaction is completed and you will have an opportunity to terminate the transaction if you do not wish to accept the charge.

Please keep in mind that, per South Carolina State Law, you cannot pay a current tax bill if there are outstanding prior year taxes on that same property. You will be able to pay the Delinquent taxes online. You can then go to the next tax year due and make a separate transaction to pay the taxes due. Georgetown County will return any tax payment made for current taxes if there are taxes outstanding for prior years. Any convenience fee paid will NOT be refunded.

Please examine all of the information to determine if this method of payment suits your needs.

The digital receipt that you print after making your payment is a confirmation of your payment, but this receipt is NOT acceptable at the DMV. If you call and request one from the Treasurer, you will be mailed an official tax receipt within three (3) business days of your payment for vehicle taxes. If you pay over the Internet at the computer provided in the Treasurer’s office, you may request that a paid receipt be printed for you after you complete the transaction.

PLEASE NOTE: Your account may NOT show this payment for up to three (3) business days after you make your payment. Do NOT submit a second payment if you receive a digital receipt and confirmation number. This transaction date will be the payment date posted to your account.

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This credit card service is provided by Official Payments Corporation

Convenience Fee Schedule

For Online Payments  

Debit/Credit Card Fees

                From ($)

        To ($)






And Over



 e-Check Fees

               From ($)

        To ($)






And Over





For payments at or above $100,000.00 please contact the Official Payments Corp. Special Services Group at 1.877.754.4420


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